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Anonymous: Hey I saw your fic recs, I love them ! I wondered if you could do a actor!derek and/or actor!stiles fic rec :3




Both as actors

The Bride of Werewolf Satan

featherpaws: Please. Do you know any fanfiction where Derek is younger than Stiles? BTW your blog is amazing, I can not even count how much this site saved me from boredom and from major Sterek withdrawal. So thank you very much


older stiles tag

Nothing When You’re Not Around by  (1/1 | 11,213 | NC-17)

Porn AU in which Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills and Derek falls hard. Like, really hard. Hard enough that he can’t say no when Stiles asks to let him record them having sex.

Returning from Then to Change the Now by  (1/1 | 6,027 | G)

Having turned the light on he went behind the counter to leave his jacket in the staffroom… only to blink at the confused form turning to him and staring with wide hazel green eyes. Even after all this time Stiles would recognise those eyes anywhere, even if they belonged to a boy he technically had never met. How had he gotten here, why was he here? Was it some spell gone wrong again? Wouldn’t be the first time.
“Derek?” he said softly… earning a slow nod. “What are you doing here?”

Shadow Boys Break All The Locks by  (1/1 | 2,376 | NC-17)

Stiles thought he’d left Beacon Hills behind him ten years ago.

Take You Down Another Level (Get You Dancing With the Devil) by  (1/1 | 4,067 | NC-17)

Derek is tired of being seen as Laura’s good little baby brother so he doesn’t back down when she issues him a challenge. She sends him to the sheriff’s son to buy weed, but Derek ends up breaking the rules in ways he never expected once he gets there.

An Ezra Pound-ing by  (1/1 | 6,026 | NC-17)

Eighteen year old Derek, self proclaimed Nerd and AP class participant, has never set foot in Jungle. Until tonight that is. And what he finds while there is something he just can’t wrap his brain around.

Part 1 of the School Daze 

Pretty Words

More Than What You’re Feeling Now

Anonymous: Hello! I was checking the tags and didn't see a reincarnation one and I was wondering if you could add one? The only fic I can think of with reincarnation themes is a pirate one! Thank you!!

A W A K E N I N G by qhuinn (complete | 14,542 | Rated E)

In 2011 a virus wiped out 99% of the Earth’s population. Now, four hundred years later, all of the survivors live in Beacon Hills, the last city on earth ruled by the Hale regime. Although Beacon Hills is largely idyllic, people are routinely disappearing and everyone is suffering from bad dreams. Stiles Stilinski is a member of the Monicans, an underground rebel organization who fight against the Hale regimen. When Stiles is sent on a mission to kill the government’s leader, Chairman Derek Hale, he discovers that there are deeper secrets to be discovered, and conspiracies to be foiled.

A Pantheon of Problems by Circe6 (complete | 37,082 | Rated E)

"You are a reincarnation of a Greek God Stiles."

Most of the coffee ends up on the floor, the rest goes on Derek’s shirt, what’s certain is all of it leaves Stiles’ mouth in a single spluttering explosion.

Everytime I close my eyes by Kellygirl (complete | 7,841 | Rated E)

Derek knew the moment he saw him in the woods.

and the one the anon is referring to is I’ll Love You Still in Hell by talktowater

When the Daylight Comes

The Truth Will Out

Anonymous: Do you have and fics where Derek takes care of stiles?? In general not because he's sick. Thank you

you should check the protective derek tag!

anon #2Are there any fics where stiles fall in love with derek first? And derek just some time later

all fics like that can be found in the pining tag.

anon #3I know this is kinda ambig, but do you have any fic recs for some ACHNINGLY romantic stories? Something like “no aphrodesiac like loneliness [link]” or “mating habits of a domesticated werewolf. [link]” Y’know with lots of angst and feelings and ~love~, just REALLY romantic?

i dont read sterek/oc fics so the best i can do is direct you to the slow build tag. the fics you’ll find there are usually long and have lots of feelings!

Anonymous: PYROMANIAC FICS?? PLEASE like i read this one where derek wanted stiles and burned the sheriffs house when stiles was at school and stiles was a pyromaniac and they blew up jacksons car so ANY MORE?? LOV OYU

hear his alibis by 1001cranes (complete | 6,628 | Rated T)

creepy never looked so cute - or, how Sheriff Stiles accidentally adopted a juvenile offender. (another) pyromaniac au.

multiplied by seven by 1001cranes (complete | 26,340 | Rated E)

Derek isn’t exactly like other people. Stiles doesn’t say that because he’s in love with him, or whatever. He’s not like Scott, who thinks Allison hung the freaking moon, or was the first girl to ever let a guy under her bra. Derek isn’t like other people. Sometimes he’s not exactly sane.

psychopaths in love - the story from Derek & Stiles’s side. companion fic to ‘hear his alibis’

Firework Eyes series by unknown author (2 works | 2,683 | Rated T)

Stiles’ obsession with fire started with his mother.

and the fic the anon is referring to is adore to see your eyes fly by 1001cranes.