Hey, everyone!

So you guys might have read these last few of days about the possibility of me setting up a list of my Favorite Sterek Fics, and about ablogattheendoftheworld's suggestion of also doing a Top Ten [insert theme here] Fics list.

I’ve had some people message me saying they’d be interested in knowing what my favorite fics are, so I’m already working on complying a list of my favorite stories and putting a link up in the sidebar so everyone can see it.

As for the Top Ten Themed Fics, I have a super important question to ask.

If it happens, the Top Ten will be a monthly feature (probably at the end of every month) and the themes will be picked by me (but I’m open to suggestions, seriously, if you want to see a specific Top Ten just message me!).

What I want to know is if you guys want me to choose said Top Ten based on my personal opinion (like the favorite fics), or if you want to nominate your favorite titles, vote for them, and see what the top ten winners are?

If you’d prefer to vote for your favorite titles, it’ll probably take me a while to set things up (rules, making the poles, etc); as opposed to letting me pick my own top ten, which would be faster.

And voting depends on the response I get from this. Because I can’t exactly create this huge thing only to have just a few people participating. :3

That said, if I don’t get a lot of feedback on this idea, I’ll still be going ahead and making my Top Ten lists, anyway! But then it’d only consist of fics I personally loved.

I’ll be reblogging this for the next couple of days to make sure everyone sees it (I’ll be tagging it as mod post, if you want to blacklist it), and you can message me about what you think or submit your thoughts or just reply to this post, okay?

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    I’m more interested in your opinion!
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    Personal opinion, definitely!
  6. colorfulsalamander answered: both choices are interesting
  7. stiles-fucklinski said: I think thats a great idea, and no matter which direction you go I’m looking forward to it!
  8. circumplanetary answered: top 10 based on your opinion!
  9. thealphasspark answered: happy with the idea of both
  10. theboboshow answered: So long as alpha spikes and you dont see straight end up on that list I’m cool cuz thayre like AMAZING
  11. fauvistfly answered: It’s easy to tell fan faves from ao3 kudos. Tell us yours! Maybe even a blurb why? I love reading the why behind top 10, not just the list.
  12. ohlittle-red answered: To make it less work on yourself, how about you choose your top 10, but do not rank them, and then let us vote on them so we see fan ranking
  13. sayuri-x answered: I vote for your favs as there are plenty of Sterek fans but only one you!
  14. 71malkins answered: I think it’d be cooler to hear what your personal top tens are, as A03 sort of acts like a voting system anyway when you search tags. :)
  15. teenyblondini answered: Eeek! Sounds utterly awesome!!! You have my vote for any of the above :D